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Coming from a background heavily saturated in noise, experimental music, performance and industrial sound; Isabella finds herself undoubtedly influenced by the latter when producing. Spending most of her time between Boston and Providence attending basement shows and warehouse parties; the soundscape of her sonic prac tice is evoked from and impressed by these accounts. She began making music as early as 17 in her bedroom on headphones, recording on to a four track Tascam re corder, using found gear, tape collage and inherited pedals. Isabella is interested in what some might deem the "failures" of sound but also indulges in the crucial players of early Rave, DNB, Hardcore and Techno music, often weaving and mutating t elements in her productions. Her live sets work to translate the feeling of a twisted funhouse, mania and disorientation; an overall feeling of possession and loss of con trol. For Isabella it's about tapping into that sonic liminal edge of maintaining a small facet of recognition through a state of pandemonium, a chaotic dance of driven auditory signifiers. She has toured Europe performing at clubs and festivals such as Kaiku, Rote Sonne, About Blank, Inkonst, Norberg Festival and Strom Fest alongside artists which include Lena Wilikens, DJ Stingray, SMERZ, Solid Blake, Christoph De Babalon, Helena Hauff and Frak. 2018 brought the release of her first EP "Whistle” on Peder Mannerfelt Produktions, a menagerie of ambient oddities and precise techno. Her track “Rattle" was also included in Mumdance's widely acclaimed "Shared Mean ings” mix. 2019 holds an upcoming 2xLP on iDEAL Records and an EP on Borft Re cords. She'll be touring nationally this summer with plans for a fall/winter EU tour.

Date: January 11, 2016