Deadlift AKA Bonka

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Deadlift is a star in an expanding solar system of sub-projects and cheeky aliases that explore a range of sounds from Italo to dub, pop or proto-bloghouse.

The Berlin-based DJ and producer got her start in Montreal's underground rave scene, where she DJed DIY parties in warehouses like the renowned La Brique building and organised her own nights at local clubs. As the door girl at the now-legendary Forbidden Planet raves, which amassed a cult following for its adventurous stylistic vision, she gained exposure to a bold and irreverent attitude that informed her own approach to music. 

Under the Deadlift banner, she hosted a monthly program on the beloved, now-defunct broadcaster Berlin Community Radio, DJs throughout Berlin's club circuit and organises her own night, Death Drive, where punters get in cheap if they bring dead flowers to the door. She's also used the alias for sets at international festivals like Igloofest, Piknic Électronik and Astropolis.

Her debut record—a three-track EP of weirdo steppers and tweaking electro on Don’t Be Afraid’s sister label INTA titled Cement Block—introduced her oddball clubkid alterego, Bonka. It's the first official transmission from an unheard-of planet in her growing musical galaxy and an intriguing teaser as to what else might be out there..

Date: January 22, 2016