Cestrian’s electrifying output is, simply put, a force to be reckoned with: a unique bulwark of pulsating eclecticism, a quagmire of quasi-spectral electronic delights. From the ethereal yet infectious electro lashings 2009’s The Walled City(MNX Recordings) to the relentless, dystopian beats of Secret Language (Unknown to the Unknown, 2012), and flowering into the haunting synthscapes of Strong Face and Methane Filter in Heinrich Dressel & Cestrian (CyberDance, 2013) - a joint release with Minimal Rome’s enigmatic Heinrich Dressel - Cestrian has illuminated the British synthscape with his strange, haunting pulsating light. His MANASYT’s split EP (Human Shield, 2008) sucks us in absolute classic stomper Hearse (B1) followed by the stoner trip promise of RizzlaTeeth (B2).

His more forceful techno-flavoured offerings take no sonic prisoners: hence the fierce energy of aptly-named acid anthem Annihilator (Future Flash, 2011) and the forceful beats haunting the 5 untitled tracks (B1-B5) on the Q-Chip / Cestrian ‎– Split LP (Bunker, 2012). But versatility is key with cestrian, bearing witness to the artist’s bottomless ingenuity. His more atmospheric tracks such as Strong Face (track B1, Heinrich Dressel & Cestrian, 2013) evoke Michael Mann-esque sunset noir atmospheres (2012), The vocoder and eerie synths in Chronicle Lies (The Walled City, 2009) hint at dark forces burrowing under the surface while Bridge of Sighs(also The Walled City, 2009) enchants with suggestions of Venetian darkness. Secret Language’s Napoli sounds like a dystopian, robotic descent into the violent crime scenes of a southern Italian city, while the eerie title track throbs like an unexpected turn on the electroshock table. We can only look forward to following Cestrian further and deeper into his masterfully-crafted gloomy space-time trips.

Date: January 25, 2016