NHK yx Koxzen

Website | Soundcloud | Discogs"A clinical, almost scientific air hangs over the work of Japan’s Kouhei Matsunaga, aka NHK yx koyxen. He makes experimental electronic music that sounds like it is the result of an actual laboratory experiment. His textures crackle with electrical charge; his rhythms morph and multiply like bacteria. You imagine him pulling his beats from test tubes. His rickety
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12th Isle

Facebook | Soundcloud | DiscogsCo-operative of enthusiastic DJs based in Glasgow, taking form in the peculiar shapes of DJ Crud, Fergus Clark, King Heroin and Stewart Brown. In 2015 they introduced the city to their vision of swamp themed clubbing, inviting like-minded DJ’s and live acts to come and wade into their lager soaked balloon-shaped world. Following a string of natural disasters, issues with grumpy soundmen
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Ali Renault

Facebook | Soundcloud | DiscogsAli Renault is a DJ / Producer from London, UK who makes hypnotic synth disco jams. You might know him from his work as part of Heartbreak (2005-2009), or from many a fine release on the seminal Dissident label, or maybe more under the radar releases on Cyber Dance, Human Shield, Moustache, Zone and more recently on Rothmans and his new imprint Vivod. An impressive u
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Carl Finlow

Resident Advisor | Discogs | SoundcloudBorn in Liverpool England, from an early age Carl was listening to electronic music by the likes of Japanese master Isao Tomita and since 1986 he has been making his own music with computers. He started to put music onto records in the early 1990s and soon became involved with prestigious labels around the world like Warp, Soma, Klang, SCSI-AV, Novamute, Satamile, Electrix and w
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Cera Khin

Facebook | Soundcloud| Resident AdvisorFrom Berlin via Tunis, Cera Khin has quickly made a name for herself as a Dj & selectress that can find the finest thread between disparate sounds, connecting the dots between modern club & experimental music as well as Musique concrète, Dub & Dancehall styles in an effortless way. As well as pushing her own productions via her 'LazyTapes' imprint.Bored of mindless c
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Detroit In Effect

Discogs | Soundcloud |Dj Maaco started as a drummer at age 6 playing for a small church, by age 12 he dropped the sticks and got himself a cardboard and started break dancing! By 14, he was drawing turntables and mixers on his cardboard boxes and pretending as if he was rocking parties. He talked his dad into buying him his very first mixer from Radio Shack, he himself bought a Mcdonald turntable for 35 bucks with th
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Don’t Be Afraid

Facebook | Soundcloud| Resident Advisor Founded in 2010, Don’t Be Afraid has organically evolved from it’s humble beginnings to become a vital and consistent outpost for underground techno, house and experimentally edged electronic music. Originally a simple outpost for founder Benjamin Roth to release his productions as Semtek, the label now boasts an international roster of acclaimed artists including Kar
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Glasgow based DJ/producer, Scott McKay aka Fear-E, is the latest home-grown talent to be signed up to the critically-acclaimed, DJ Mag award-winning Dixon Avenue Basement Jams imprint, following hot on the heels of fellow locals Denis Sulta and Big Miz on an increasingly impressive roster which also boasts heavyweights in the shape of Marquis Hawkes, Jared Wilson and Casio Royale.His 2016 debut track ‘Candi’s Quadra’
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Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident AdvisorUsually working under the name MGUN, Manuel Gonzales was one of the most creative producers to emerge from Detroit's techno scene during the 2010s. Carrying on the eclectic, experimental spirit of Detroit artists like Drexciya and Theo Parrish, his tracks range from spaced-out techno to downtempo electro-funk to ambient, and his DJ sets are even harder to pi
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