Ali Renault Keeper Of The Seven Keys

Ali Renault is next in line for Giallo Disco with ‘Keepers Of The Seven Keys’

“Giallo Disco returns from hiding all summer, taking comfort in the encroaching darkness with a very special EP from the one and only Ali Renault. Someone we wanted on the label from the very start (though we teased out a remix of his on the Mater Suspiria Vision EP under his Parasols moniker) we’re proud to present ‘Keeper Of The Seven Keys’: Three tracks of cosmified aphex bliss, where pan pipes are the sound of death whistles and hats scatter like falling shells. The sky is falling and it sounds amazing. Closing up the EP is a special italo-tech remix by Antoni Maiovvi. Lovingly mastered by your friend Alek Stark. Art by Eric A Lee.”

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